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Creative Jazz Exercises 2nd Edition


Description: Vol 1, 2, 3

My Creative Jazz Exercises, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 2nd Edition (updated and improved from 1st Edition versions sold by some companies: Charles Colin, Sam Ash, Amazon, etc). These books comprise a complete method to develop technical skills in reading and contemporary improvisation. Accompaniment files have been created using iReal Pro - and can be customized in many ways. They serve as a tonal metronome so you can hear the harmonic concepts being presented. The exercises can be used as a starting point for improvisation using various approaches for guidance.


Using the Books

Volume 1 focuses on reading and patterns using chromatic, fourth and pentatonic shapes. It also delves into varieties of blues scales. Exercises are technically challenging but will result in great flexibility and harmonic strength. Volume 2 is based on substitute scales and chords; using harmonic groupings starting on different roots. Volume 3 is based on "back of the mind" approaches that serve as a launching point for improvisation. Examples for each approach are provided, including reading exercises that combine approaches..


Purchasing the Books

You can contact via my home page to purchase my books and get iReal Pro playlists that can be opened in the App. 

Volumes 1 and 2 are $12.95, Volume 3 is $14.95. Shipping is free. My books are also sold at: and

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Play-along tracks in iReal HTML and MIDI formats. You can download individual tracks or iReal Playlists for each Volume for Treble Clef instruments in C, Bb and Eb. When you download either an individual iReal HTIML track or Playlist, then select the file you will be able to add them directly to the iReal App:

Or, download the Zip Folders below for your key, each Folder contains iReal HTML, MIDI and iReal Playlists for all Volumes.

Adjust the tempo, groove, etc to personal taste. Some of my students initially slow down the tempo then increase speed. You can mute the keyboard or guitar to create more space, especially with Fourth, Chromatic and Sub-Chord exercises.